Lenny the Swamp wallaby


This little Swamp wallaby was found washed up on the beach at Lennox Head by local residents, most likely his mum would have been chased into the surf by dogs. He would not have survived had he not been rescued, as he had water in his lungs, and was very cold and wet, also he was not old enough to fend for himself.

He was treated by local veterinarian Evan at Lennox Head vet surgery for possible pneumonia and shock and finally arrived at Wildlife Mountain a few days later.


Here he settled in fairly fast, and is thriving in care with other wallabies of similar size and stage of development.

He is a bit unusual in his coloring, being very golden he is very beautiful to look at.

He will be released back to the wild with the others in about 4 months time.

It is a sad fact that many people still take their dogs to the beach and let them off the lead, letting the dog get some well deserved exercise, nothing wrong with that, if only people would also consider wildlife may be on the beach or close by in the bush.

When these animals are chased it is usually a death sentence, if the wallaby or kangaroo is chased in to the surf and a joey is in the pouch it will usually drown, or as in this case make it to shore only to suffer pneumonia and having lost it's mum.

By all means take the dog for a walk, but please consider other creatures as well, and keep an eye on what the dog is doing, and restrain it if necessary.


Lenny seen here being released.


May 2010


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We would also like to acknowledge the amazing support and help we have had from the Lismore Vet Clinic who have been an invaluable support to both us and the native wildlife of this region.

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